Weekly Worship!

Weekly Worship!

Y'all we're weekly! EXCEPT: there is no service on Pride, June 25th (we're marching in the Parade!), or July 2nd. Barring those, we meet Sundays at 5 pm, for stories, music, food, Communion, community, and whatever else you show up with.

Beginning July 9th, we’ll be worshiping in air conditioning and old school Rogers Park style at the Red Line Tap (7006 N Glenwood Ave). Newly christened the Buffalo Bar at Heartland Café, the pub is on the southbound, west side of the L tracks between Greenleaf and Lunt. Parking is ridiculously tight so allow time to find it, bike, or take the Red Line to Morse.

All ages are welcome, of course, and there will be an open tab for soft drinks. For beer, you’re on your own. We can also order from the Heartland menu before and after the service.

What to expect/know:  You're welcome to come as you are. Fresh from the beach, and still wearing your bathing suit? A-ok! Is your kid prone to fussy outbursts? Us, too! In junior high and more interested in folding origami (or whatever) during worship?  We've got a place for that!

Dress is casual (or whatever you're comfortable in). The welcome is wide and real. We sing songs with guitar, sometimes with keyboard, sometimes acapella.  We learn new songs, written by Vince Wilson, and old hymns, chants, and rounds. Service usually an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. If you want to know a bit more about what it feels like, here are some reports from people who aren't pastors here:

Ruth, 7th grader (Chicago).  "I am glad I went to a service that wasn’t boring. I would have had a much blander experience if I had gone to any other church. Gilead was unique and endearing and I am glad that I went. I would definitely consider returning."     Read Ruth's whole reflection here.  

Maria Vorhis, writer/performer, filmmaker, and teaching artist (Chicago). "I was not wondering about an escape route this time because I was listening. I was listening to my friend preach about creativity, how we are all created and therefore creative. How it is our job to live our most creative lives as a way of fulfilling our potential and serving others. After the service I met people. Lovely, inviting, kind people who were curious and smart and inclusive. I hugged some of them. I even held one of their babies. And when I left, I was confused because I had just been to church and I was not religious..."    Read the rest of Maria's piece here.



Gilead at Pride

Gilead at Pride

Y'all there is NO CHURCH this Sunday, June 25th, because we are marching in the Pride Parade. By 5 pm, we'll be sunburned, footsore, and/or partied out.

If you want to march with us as part of the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches (CCWC), here's what you need to know:

  • Meet at Site #50, on the east side of Broadway, between Sunnyside and Wilson.
  • Aim to be there by noon, although that's when the whole parade kicks off, not our group.
  • Some of us may be asked to carry CCWC signs with other church names on them; we also need some more Gilead signs. Are you able to make some? Let us know!
  • If you want a Gilead T-shirt to wear, kick in $15 via the website, and then let us know you need one, and what size. We're happy to bring shirts for folks who want them, but won't have extras on hand. 
  • Obvi: bring water, sunscreen, snacks... You can also volunteer to bring stuff to donate to a general stash, carried in the CCWC van.
  • More info, including other, late-breaking CCWC volunteer opportunities, are here.