“It’s-Not-That-Kind-of-Church” Musician Gig

We're hiring! We need a musician who plays, sings, and leads beautiful, singable, music — sometimes churchy and often not-that-churchy. So far this year, we’ve sung Katy Perry, R.E.M., Bobby McFerrin, Wailin’ Jennys’, and a few hymns too.

We’re looking for someone with chops on keyboard or guitar, comfortable playing in a variety of styles, good at getting others involved, organized and fun to work with in a collaborative environment.

The Music Director at Gilead is a part-time, salaried position with an understood commitment of 5 hours per week, on average.  Typical hours for this position include:

  • Sunday afternoons from 3:30 – 6:30 (set-up and rehearsal for worship, through the end of worship),

  • up to one hour of liturgy/music planning

  • up to one hour additional prep (including administrative tasks; see below)

  • one hour for monthly supervision meeting

Must be available Sunday evenings. Person of color preferred. LGBTQ+ candidates and those of all faiths or no faith encouraged to apply. See the description below for more details. Check out the church on the website, Facebook, Insta, and when you wanna talk, let us know: info@gileadchicago.org




  • Proficient in at least one instrument (including keyboard or guitar)

  • Reads music

  • Comfortable in multiple genres, including pop/rock

  • Able to teach multi-part pieces to congregation and/or pick-up choir

Weekly Worship Experience. Create beautiful, meaningful engaging weekly worship experience through music by

  • Choosing and planning, with pastors music for weekly service (< 1 hour, regularly-scheduled conversation)

  • Be well-practiced by Sunday rehearsal/warm-up

  • Leading one-hour rehearsal before worship with other musicians

  • Accompanying music during worship

  • Ensuring needed instruments/musicians are available

Community-Building/Leadership development. Build core group of musicians from congregation who will help lead weekly worship by:

  • Cultivating relationships with additional musicians/singers (primarily on Sunday evenings)

  • Inviting musicians from beyond the congregation to supplement when appropriate

  • Creating atmosphere of significant participation (in pick-up choirs, ensembles, and for the congregation as a whole)

Administration. Take primary responsibility for relevant administrative tasks by

  • Communicating with musicians/singers to arrange rehearsal, distribute music

  • Maintaining/updating contact info with current musicians/singers

  • Finding/creating appropriate arrangements

  • Meeting once/monthly with pastor for supervision (big picture planning and questions)