Karaoke church is BACK, guilty pleasures edition. (Although...what karaoke isn't the guilty pleasures edition?)

If you missed kicking off worship with "It's Raining Men," or singing "Lean On Me" during Communion, you've got another chance. Bring friends, your favorite crowd-pleaser, and the guts to sing it!

We'll have church, communion, stories, the whole 9 yards, but the music is by YOU. There will be plenty of spots to sign up for Sunday night, but you can help out by signing up in advance here.

We'll meet upstairs (there's an elevator!) at Mary's Attic, 5400 N Clark.

UPDATE: Does karaoke make you hungry?  Have delicious dinner after church in the neighborhood, at a Know and Be Known dinner co-hosted by Jennifer Ould and Krista Damico. Sign up at that link.