We make beautiful, creative, intelligent worship together and this month, we're all about showing up with all of who we are as a gathering community: painters, dancers, clowns (it's true.  Don't be scared; the good kind), puppeteers?!?, storytellers, storytellers, storytellers.  And you, too.

What?  Think you're not a "maker" because you don't have an Etsy page?  Wrong. You make all kinds of stuff. You make dinner, you make meaning, you make a home with your roommates or partner.  

So get on over here, and help make beautiful, creative, intelligent church:

Sunday night, March 26th
5 pm
in a church building!  Rogers Park Presbyterian (7059 N Greenview)

Bring yo' friend, bring yo' lovah, bring yo' baby. Bring something to give to make this new, creative, inclusive church happen.