Y'all there is NO CHURCH this Sunday, June 25th, because we are marching in the Pride Parade. By 5 pm, we'll be sunburned, footsore, and/or partied out.

If you want to march with us as part of the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches (CCWC), here's what you need to know:

  • Meet at Site #50, on the east side of Broadway, between Sunnyside and Wilson.
  • Aim to be there by noon, although that's when the whole parade kicks off, not our group.
  • Some of us may be asked to carry CCWC signs with other church names on them; we also need some more Gilead signs. Are you able to make some? Let us know!
  • If you want a Gilead T-shirt to wear, kick in $15 via the website, and then let us know you need one, and what size. We're happy to bring shirts for folks who want them, but won't have extras on hand. 
  • Obvi: bring water, sunscreen, snacks... You can also volunteer to bring stuff to donate to a general stash, carried in the CCWC van.
  • More info, including other, late-breaking CCWC volunteer opportunities, are here.