Throwing great parties and making real friends is our bread ‘n’ butter!

Get together with Gilead-ites on the 3rd weekend of (mostly) every month. We try to change up the time and location to suit all kinds of personalities. Have Saturday brunch out, meet up at the home of a Gilead-ite for Friday night dinner, or head out for tacos after church on Sunday. We’ve got something for everyone. (Or at least for people who like one of those three things.)

Strangers, friends, newcomers, first-timers, everyone’s welcome. Bring someone with you, or show up solo and meet folks. There’s no agenda except conversation and some good food.

QUESTION: Will we be eating only bread and butter?


It’s true we’re real butter Christians and that we love bread, but you don’t have to eat dairy or carbs to eat with us. We just thought it sounded tasty.

Want to host anytime in 2019 - 2020? Let us know! You don't have to have a big place, enough chairs (sit on the FLOOR, people!), or money to cook a fancy main dish. Hosting means creating a time and place for others to gather. You could throw a BYO-picnic-lunch or anything else that suits your style and budget.

Want to attend? Either sign-up on a clipboard during service or reach out to us.

Questions? Reach out to Alexa ( or Jack (!