Gilead is supported by two different denominations. What's a denomination, you ask? Good question! A Christian denomination is a branch of the broader Church (like, all Christians everywhere). A denomination can ordain pastors (or say who else can), organize individual congregations to do important work that takes lots of resources, and start new churches! 

Gilead is a congregation-in-formation under the auspices of Chicago Metropolitan Association (CMA) of the UCC — the denomination that ordained Vince.  Gilead is also an emerging congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) — Rebecca's denomination. Both denominations are congregational in structure, meaning that there is ample space for variety of expression of church life, and that individual congregations are self-governing. Both denominations give generous financial support to the life and work at Gilead. We participate in denomination-wide ministries and activities of each church.


Pictured: Rev Terri Hord Owens (now the President and General Minister of the Disciples) telling a story at an event convened and hosted by Rebecca at the National Assembly in 2015.