Did you end up here because you saw us on The Today Show? You're not wrong: that was us, talking about a church where we tell true stories that save lives, share good food, and make beautiful creative worship together.

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At Gilead, we want to be church for and with people who’ve been turned out, turned off, or just left cold by church. We believe God welcomes all — and we have the stories of Jesus hanging out with all the “wrong” folks to prove it — and so we do too. 

Whoever you are, whatever your story is, you are welcome here. 

We are a "congregation-in-formation" of the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the UCC (United Church of Christ). That's church-ese "we're not in this alone. We're got a history, and community, and body of people pulling for us and working alongside us." We're also in relationship with The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), kissing cousins of the UCC in the Protestant church family tree.