Hey you,

Yeah, you. I love you, you know that? I really do. You’re like, my best friend. And well…we’re always together, and we’re not seeing anyone else. So, I guess what I’m asking is: do you wanna be friends with benefits?

Just to be clear, this is a pledge letter, and I’m hoping you’ll give in an ongoing way to support the community we share and love. But what I really wanna know is: are you DTF?

That’s “Down to Fund” the work of making beautiful, inclusive, creative church at Gilead Chicago. Yeah, maybe that is kind of a dad joke. I see that now. Imagine what we could pass on to our children, tho.

Whoa, OK. Maybe that’s moving too fast. We don’t need to mess with labels right now. Why don’t you just fill out a pledge card, set up recurring giving, and let’s see where this thing goes?

I’m not asking for forever. But we’ve got something good here. Something we’re both enjoying. I get a lot out of being with you. And I think you feel the same way. So why not make it just a little official? You don’t have to call me your significant other, we can just fund this 2019 budget and watch Netflix like we always do.

It’s not awkward unless we make it awkward.

Did I make it awkward? My bad. While we’re in that uncomfortable space, let me just say, our goal for 2019 pledges is $35,000. That’s a lot of money, but together, we can do it. That’s all I’m trying to say: let’s do it. Together.

And if neither of us is married by the time we’re 40, we can meet at the top of the John Hancock building and you can sent up some kind of memorial endowment. Baby.