Gilead G3* Team

*We’re good, giving, and game for caring for our community.  

Gilead is more than just a church that meets at a bar (or theater). We are a growing community of friends who need support and provide support for one another. These gifts and needs come in a wide array that are as diverse as we are! You can request resume help, moving assistance, or even just a cup of coffee after a difficult week. We are still discovering all of the ways that we can help each other. We crave your creative gift ideas!

So how do you share your gifts or a need you have? Your gateway into the Gilead support community is here - where you can electronically bring your needs or gifts that you have to share! Although we know we can’t meet every need (ahem, finding you a spouse is one of the more difficult ones) but we do our best to match your need with someone who can help. We promise to respond to all requests within a week, even if it’s just to let you know that we are working on it! Help us build intentional, caring community. Let us know what you have to offer, and how we can help.

Just let us know!