We're geeking out! Calling all former (and current) band geeks, theatre kids, Harry Potter fans, LARPers, and all you other kinda geeks: the ones who get SUPER excited about birds (ehem), or Little House on the Prairie (ehem), or Hebrew Bible (ehem! You know who you are). Whatever super specific thing floats your boat, and/or gets you to put on a costume, and/or leads you to accidentally give a little bit of a lecture at a party when someone casually asks you a question...that’s what we’re talking about this month.

 Why? Because it’s fun.
Why else? Because in a world that suggests we say “YES! to everything, geeking out requires a certain amount of saying NO. No to those other options, because the thing you really want to focus on is right here. No to going shallow and broad, and yes to going narrow and deep. (Also, maybe, maybe, there are some analogies to be drawn between all this and, say, feeling drawn to one faith tradition in a world of interesting, beautiful, meaningful traditions.)
We’re hearing and telling stories about the vulnerability of loving something deeply, and the possibility of being uncool. Stories about finding our people and being given permission to go way, way overboard. (Shark Week-themed snacks, anyone? Oh, yes.) Stories about the ways enthusiasm is contagious, and how we got “converted” to the stuff we now can’t imagine living without. (How did you get into dulcimer?)

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