And...we're off!  We've got the letter, the pledge cards, the giant homemade goal thermometer (thanks, Nate!). Our goal is to raise $25,000 from 40 households pledged and signed up for recurring giving.

Maths to consider: If 40 of our households give, and we want to raise $25,000, that’s an average household gift of $12/week (or 7.2 cents/hour).*  Also, think how much you (or Rebecca, cough, cough) spend on coffee or cocktails in a given week. And what have they ever done for you?

Of course, some of us can give more, some less. But probably you should give more.

* That’s 12 bucks not just when you show up, but year round — set up recurring giving!

Read our pledge letter here, in all its Comic Sans glory.