From the November 29th email:

On Sunday, we kicked off Skin in the Game. Until Christmas, we'll be telling stories about what we care about enough to put on our bodies (tattoos!) and what we care about enough to put our bodies on the line (incarnation!).

This Sunday — holy wow — we've got tattoo artist Ali Martin coming. During the service, she'll be using Inkbox ink to create work that'll last up to a couple of weeks. Even though all this week's spaces are full, sign up to be an alternate. And if there's enough interest, we'll invite Ali back on the 10th! So doooo it. [UPDATE: she's coming back Dec 10.]

Speaking of stuff we're invested in — skin in the game, money where your mouth is, etc etc etc — y'all crushed the first annual old fashioned, ironic church pledge campaign. Our goal was $25,000 in pledges, set up as recurring gifts. In fact, we're at $37,014!!! (No reason to stop there.  Wanna give? You can!)

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