At the tail end of Party People, as part of the Surprise Party, Chad the Bird showed up to tell a story. Chad is Chicago's avian op-ed columnist, and the creation of Josh Zagoren. THEN, Chad put out a podcast episode featuring both his story and a little bit about Gilead. It's a pretty great snapshot of who we are, and a good thing to share with people who are like, "Wait. What's this bar-church thing you're part of?"

A snippet:

"'...real butter Christians. It's delicious. They sound delicious. And they were. Lovely room. Um, first of all, they meet at a bar, which I was, like, 'K.' ...So I walk in there and they're like, 'Hey, what do you wanna drink?' And I was, like, 'I dunno. What're you drinking?' And they were like, 'We've got PBR and shots of Malort for $5.' I was like, 'C'monnnn.'  So yeah, they just get drunk on happiness — and also beer." 

Listen to all of Chad's story and his take on bar-church here. (Worth listening. He calls us "stupendous, and super huggy.")