God's Coming Out Story

There are lots of places in the Christian tradition (and others) where the revelation of God — God's introduction to humanity — goes something like this: once, a long time ago, God showed us who He was, once and for all. The end. Everything else that happened or happens, took place after that and God was the same static being (with male pronouns) for all time.

There are lots of other parts of the tradition (including, y'all, in the bible itself) where God, in an on-going way, reveals more and more of Godself. Conversations where God adds, "Oh! I'm also like this," and "Did I mention I'm not that into sacrifices but more into justice?" Places where God is a little extra and announces, "My spirit is everywhere! I cannot be contained with words! You cannot put me in a box! You wanna know my name? I am who I am!" A moment when God pours Godself into a human body and walks around doing what God does, showing people up close who God really is. Times and places where God pours God's spirit into human beings and says, "Now you run with it; you tell other people what I'm like."

As we kick off Pride month and our Queering Church series, we're gonna talk about the ways God continues to come out, continues to invite people to know who God really is — and how we are part of telling God's coming out story. (It's kinda also Gilead 101: incarnation, on-going revelation, us telling stories of the body of Christ when we tell our own stories. You know, the basics.)

So c'mon: bring somebody skeptical with you, why don't you. Bring somebody who wants to sing this amazing playlist. Sunday at 5 pm (at Red Line Tap, 7006 N Glenwood). As usual, kids are welcome, and so is anyone else you want to bring. Soft drinks are on us; booze is on you.

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